Let's Get Personal!

 A lot of stuff has been going on in my life, and I haven't really been active anywhere.

So, first and foremost, Camp NaNoWriMo has started. Therefore, I've been trying to actually write that novel. It's slow going, for another multitude of reasons. I lost steam pretty quickly, even though I love the idea, just because my brain has been in one hundred different places as far as stuff to write. I care less about this idea than, say, some of the less taxing AUs and such I've thought up for TGO in the meantime. I'm trying to stick with it, though, because I'm a chronic idea-dropper, and I think that's due in part to the fact that I allow myself to drop ideas. It isn't that they won't work, it's just that something newer and shinier comes along, and I'm starstruck by the new idea.

I also joined another writing group, but unlike RaTs, this is more word wars and chit chat than actually sharing our writing. So I've been hanging out on discord for the majority of the week, talking to these new people, hoping to transfer some of that enthusiasm into my novel. Again, it's slow going.

My parents are agreeable to letting me get a chinchilla (or two) and SO, I've been hastily trying to clean out my room as per one of their demands. Again, slow going. Working 42.5+ hours a week, and coming home to 88 degree days, does not really make me want to suffer through the arduous process of attempting to clean and organize what is probably better titled the "pit of discard hell" instead of a closet. But I desperately want another chinchilla, so I'll make it work. I have to make it work.

And, on top of all those normal and acceptable reasons for me to have fallen off the face of the Earth, I am also pretty depressed. Still not completely over the guy that bruised my heart last month, and then I had another guy friend disrespect my boundaries and, full-well knowing how terrible I was feeling, asked if I wanted to be in a relationship with him while he's in an open relationship with a girl he met online. I was disgusted and offended, because clearly he didn't care about my feelings at all; if he had, he would have known I wasn't ready for a relationship period.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. I'm hoping to continue working on my Camp novel, maybe put some work in on my zombie AU for RaTs, and then I've been daydream up some more ideas for my detective group, since I could use a fun break to focus on some different characters.

Camp NaNoWriMo - July 2017

 So, for whatever godforsaken reason I decided I was going to do Camp, again, because I try and I try but it never seems to actually work out. I hit my word count but it's scattered throughout prompts for RaTs, various projects I start and abandon, and free writing that never goes anywhere. Even with my work schedule wearing me out and other summer commitments, I thought this would be a good idea. We'll see how much of a mistake I've made midway through July.

Anyway, along the line of ambition, I've started trying to plot out a new project. I haven't really written anything since starting TGO last year, and despite the fun I'm having with it, I do want to try something new. If you're curious, I'll post the basic synopsis behind a cut.

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I have my characters, I have some various plot points, I just need to work it out a little more. It seems like it'll be fun, though, and I hope it gets me out of this rut! I'm also hoping I can have a finished first draft by the end of the month. I somehow managed to write 63,000 words during NaNoWriMo in 2015, while having a part time job and carrying a full time college course load, so really, there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to write as much now, when my only responsibility is work.

Current Plans: Rest of June

So, I'm trying to get into actually using these things (my journals) as more than just my collected Runaway Tales pieces, so have some personal chatter posts, why don't you?!

Anyway, so after about a month+ of...crippling reactive depression (a stupid thing with a guy happened, and then weird medical issues appeared, and everything just kind of set me off, but anyway) I've finally come out of it, I think. At the very least, I'm inspired again and ready to write, so I'm hoping that by the end of this month, I can complete a few pieces/projects I've had sitting around for far too long.
  • 1. My zombie-apocalypse AU starring my detective team, which I've written nearly 20,000 words for at this point and am refusing to give up on. I'm currently working on fleshing out the final part, and I'm not sure what the ending will be? That might be too daunting to finish/revise/post by the end of June, but I'm hoping to get at least a good chunk done before July.
  • 2. I have a couple of small, partially-written pieces for TGO that really have no importance, but I'd like to get those finished and posted because, I mean, they count for prompts. Why not?
  • 3. I have another rather expansive AU that a friend prompted me on...and I'd really like to at least plot that one out. It would be fun to write, I think.

And, for whatever reason, I've elected to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this July, and I, very ambitiously, am choosing to write an entirely new novel for it. I don't know if I'll get that far, because usually I end up changing my mind midway through and my word count is a mish-mash of several projects...but we shall see!


Hurt/Comfort Bingo (Round 8)

Thank you to [personal profile] lost_spook for opening my eyes to the Hurt/Comfort Bingo, which is more than definitely something I should be participating in with how much I hurt my characters (might have to work on the comfort aspect a bit...). And, so, now I have a card! I don't exactly know how this works, and I don't really write fic and never had in a public forum (it's all been guilty pleasure stuff for myself), so this will be a lot of...navigation. But anyway! I'm excited and I hope it kicks my ass into gear, considering I wrote almost nothing the entire month of May.

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The Gemini Occurrence // Poverty Club

Following the death of her mother, 16 year old Mona Lively goes to live with her aunt, Olivia Meadows, in a picturesque Maryland suburb. Of course, the only people she manages to connect with are just as messed up as her city counterparts.

How to Survive. October 2020. It's only Day One at her new school and Mona is already making poor choices.
      Mona Lively, Gina Damiano, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Olivia Meadows.
Rum & Coke. October 2020. The foursome sits in Vic's cold house and drinks.
      Mona Lively, Gina Damiano, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Ruby Eastman.
Our Cocoon. October 2020. Before Mona wakes up that morning, Vic and Casey have some business to attend to.
      Casey Calhoun/Victor Eastman.
In the Cold Light of Morning. October 2020. It's just an average day in the Eastman house.
      Ruby Eastman, Mona Lively, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Gina Damiano, Clarence Eastman, Cheyenne Williams.
Too Late for Plan B. October 2020. Isaac's not free of the Eastman curse.
      Isaac Eastman, Cara McLaughlin, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Mona Lively.
Take It as a Sign. October 2020. Cara has the procedure, Vic and Casey use their fists to express their feelings, and Mona reaches out to her brother.
      Cara McLaughlin, Isaac Eastman, Mona Lively, Casey Calhoun, Victor Eastman, Devyn Lively.
Losing Touch. October 2020. Vic goes off the deep end.
      Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Ruby Eastman.
Put Up a Fight. October 2020. Vic quits high school but the first thing he does is go back.
      Victor Eastman, Ruby Eastman, Mona Lively, Casey Calhoun.

The Gemini Occurrence // Kingdom of Second Chances


A miniseries-esque arc focusing on Ramona (Mona) Lively, Devyn's younger, troubled sister, following the events of The Gemini Occurrence.

Of course, as people tend to do, Devyn forgets about Mona in his quest to understand the soulmate connection and connect with his own soulmate. Once he has Genevieve, his life seems to settle into place, but Mona is left struggling to find solid ground. After several disastrous attempts to make it on her own, she ends up in New York City with a criminal boyfriend and one last dangerous, crazy shot to get things right.

1. If You Leave. November, 2028. Mona won't admit to being in trouble anymore. She's decided she's going to take care of herself.
    Ramona (Mona) Lively, Mario Pierce, Detective Noel Reyes, Detective Katharine Chastain.
2. You Must Know (You Are Doing the Right Thing). November, 2028. Open-and-shut cases aren't necessarily the easy ones.
   Mona Lively, Detective Noel Reyes, Detective Katherine Chastain, DA Laurent Marion, Captain Charles Meyer.
3. The Rules of the Game. November, 2008. Mona says the magic words; Marion makes things personal.
  Mona Lively, Detective Noel Reyes, Detective Katharine Chastain, Assistant District Attorney Laurent Marion, Captain Charles Meyer.
4. Into the Unknown. November, Week 2, 2028. With the plan in motion, the charges against Mona are dropped.
  Mona Lively, Detective Katharine Chastain, Detective Noel Reyes, Detective Leah Grant, ADA Laurent Marion, Captain Charles Meyer.
5. Entangled. November, Week 2, 2028. Nerves are getting the better of a lot of the people involved.
  Mona Lively, Detective Katharine Chastain, Detective Leah Grant, Detective Noel Reyes, ADA Laurent Marion.
6. Far from Home. November, Week 2, 2028. "Thank God it's Friday" doesn't really apply in New York City.
  Mona Lively, Mario Pierce, Detective Leah Grant, Detective Katharine Chastain, Detective Noel Reyes, ADA Laurent Marion, Detective Franklin Moeller.
7. Verbrennen. November, Week 3, 2028. On Monday, Mona brings Leah and Frankie to Mario--and everything goes to hell.
  Mona Lively, Mario Pierce, Detective Katharine Chastain, Detective Noel Reyes, Detective Leah Grant, Detective Frankie Moeller, ADA Laurent Marion.
8. Tell Me the Way to Redemption's Door. November, Week 3, 2028. Mona leaves New York City, and the detectives, behind.
  Mona Lively, Detective Katharine Chastain, Detective Noel Reyes, Detective Leah Grant, Detective Frankie Moeller, ADA Laurent Marion, Devyn Lively, Genevieve Kessler.

Law & Order 'Verse
A storyverse focusing around the detectives in Mona's spin-off story, because I do like police procedurals very much (and grew rather fond of the characters I crafted for Kingdom of Second Chances as well).

things for RaTs

LNOVERKILL (LN is the CIA prefix for the United States in project code names. OVERKILL is the project name.)

A young and ambitious pharmacologist is employed by the government as part of an MKULTRA reboot, as a last resort effort to stop a violent regime rising to power following several failed wars. When his failed synthetic compound is released within the country, the FBI takes notice, and the pharmacologist and an idealistic FBI agent must work together to, for lack of better phrasing, save the country. Other consequential characters include a group of young revolutionaries who want to see the government burn to the ground and end up holding important information about the compound's release.

Under construction, expect more info in the future.
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The Gemini Occurrence

Basically a soulmates AU smushed together with a lot of other shit.