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LNOVERKILL (LN is the CIA prefix for the United States in project code names. OVERKILL is the project name.)

A young and ambitious pharmacologist is employed by the government as part of an MKULTRA reboot, as a last resort effort to stop a violent regime rising to power following several failed wars. When his failed synthetic compound is released within the country, the FBI takes notice, and the pharmacologist and an idealistic FBI agent must work together to, for lack of better phrasing, save the country. Other consequential characters include a group of young revolutionaries who want to see the government burn to the ground and end up holding important information about the compound's release.

Under construction, expect more info in the future.

The Chance of a Lifetime

Main Canon
Person of Interest
Foam Hearts Are Love Letters, Too

A Visita
Idle Minds

The Gemini Occurrence

Basically a soulmates AU smushed together with a lot of other shit.
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