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Masterpost for The Gemini Occurrence

Yet again, another bit of nonsense I whipped up and decided to elaborate upon for runaway_tales, mostly for fun but also because I'm having trouble writing alone these days.

WIP! I'm kind of adding plot details, etc, as I go along.
The Gemini Occurrence

References to soulmates have been found as far back as the history records go. Writers wax poetic about their other half, the diaries and letters of historical figures give insight into who their true loves were, marriages notwithstanding. Cultures past and present have words for it, legends and stories and examples. For those who have felt it, there's no denying that there's some kind of force that draws certain people together. It's not until the early 21st century that technology becomes available to alert people to who their soulmates are, and though it's generally understood that there is some kind of link between people, the link itself isn't understood.

At least, not until Devyn Lively, a bored and eccentric college professor, volunteers himself to undergo an invasive brain procedure that promises to give him a tangible link to his soulmate--the beginnings of intraneural circuitry.

Meanwhile, Genevieve Kessler-Downing and her best friend, Adelina Garland, are about to create their own destiny when they decide something must be done about Genevieve's husband, Jude.

Pre-Main Canon

Home Sweet Whatever. 2010. (Mona Lively, Devyn Lively, Cassandra Lively.)
    Cassandra comes back from her last serious stint in rehab and decides she wants to take her children away from the mess she's created.
One Foot Out the Door (In Love) 2015. (Jude Downing, Genevieve Kessler, Laurence Kessler, Evette Kessler.)
  Jude and Laurence come to a mutually beneficial agreement.
I Was Right and You Were Wrong 2016. (Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel, Erin Simon.)
  Devyn is insufferable.
Come Home 2018. (Evette Kessler, Laurence Kessler.)
  Evette needs to make amends for her mistakes in one of two ways.
Summer Threw Our Love Away 2018. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Adelina Garland.)
  It's their first summer together after the wedding, and Genevieve really shouldn't be spending so much time at the bar.
I Give With My Hands What I Say With My Eyes 2018. (Adelina Garland/Genevieve Kessler-Downing.)
  Adelina reads Genevieve's cards.
This Body is a Jailhouse 2018. (Adelina Garland/Genevieve Kessler-Downing.)
  This is the closest thing to love Genevieve's felt, and the most pain she's ever been in.
Hopeless Case 2019. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Adelina Garland, Jay Greer, Gabriel Ayres.)
  Jude offers her one small sliver of freedom, and God, how Genevieve takes it.
Our Folks are Damaged Goods 2020 . (Mona Lively, Devyn Lively, Cassandra Lively.)
  October 12, 2020 is Mona's last day as a child.
Lost So Easily 2020. (Mona Lively, Devyn Lively.)
  Devyn does appear, but not as her knight in shining armor.
Better Mistakes 2021. (Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel.)
  "No dare is off limits" was said at some point during the friendship, and Mack really, really regrets that sometimes.

Main Canon
ACT I: The Procedure & the Aftereffects // A Loveless Marriage

Miscalculation 2025. (Devyn Lively, Douglas Hammond, Anton Wegner.)
  Devyn goes in for the procedure.
Raw 2025. (Devyn Lively.)
  Devyn gets a dose of reality.
Alone 2025. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing.)
  Genevieve spends her time watching videos from Soulmate vloggers.
You'll Find Me Where the Crows Fly 2025. (Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel.)
  Devyn dreams, every night, of the grieving widow.
Because You Got Out of Hand 2025.(Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Adelina Garland.)
  When you grow up in the golden glow of wealth, it shouldn't be such a surprise where you end up.
D.R.U.G.S. 2025. (Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel.)
  You can't warn about the side effects of something that has never been tested before.
Runs in the Family 2025. (Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel, Mona Lively.)
  Carrying on from D.R.U.G.S. Devyn gets a call from his sister and goes out to spend the night with her.
Reap What You Sow 2025. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Samantha Downing, Noah Downing, Adelina Garland.)
  Family dinners never did tend to go well.
Neural Interface 2025. (Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel; Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Adelina Garland.)
 A remembrance of things you've never experienced, sensations never felt, lives never lived--Devyn and Genevieve cycle between who they are, and who they're searching for.

A Date with the Night 2025. (Adelina Garland, Johanna Montemayor, Genevieve Kessler-Downing.)
Fate sets Genevieve's plan into motion and shakes up Adelina's life.

Everything Costs 2026. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Adelina Garland, Jude Downing.)
  Genevieve acts in the wake of Jude's death.
I Would Do Anything 2026. (Johanna Montemayor/Adelina Garland, Isidro Montemayor.)
  Jo doesn't know what it's like to live life above the underground, and Adelina is sparkling and pristine.
The New Wolves Await 2026. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing/Devyn Lively.)
  Genevieve is good at running, and Devyn has his parents for an example.
Smoke-Stung Eyes 2026. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing/Devyn Lively.)
  Genevieve is determined to stop being such a baby.

Post-Main Canon
Sick Day 2028. (Genevieve Kessler/Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel.)
  It's hard for Devyn to believe he's found a new normal; Genevieve can relate.

Mini-series/AUs/Characters Outside the Main Canon
POVERTY CLUB Mona Lively goes to live with her maternal aunt Olivia following the death of her mother, and tries to survive in the suburbs.
KINGDOM OF SECOND CHANCES Mona Lively disappears off to New York City and entangles herself up in the lives of a drug dealer and the NYPD officers who try to help her.

So Let Go. AU: Genevieve/Devyn in a non-soulmate universe. (Genevieve Kessler-Downing/Devyn Lively, Adelina Garland.)
    Genevieve doesn't hold out hope that there's anything better, which somehow makes the situation that much more believable.

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