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The Gemini Occurrence // Poverty Club

Following the death of her mother, 16 year old Mona Lively goes to live with her aunt, Olivia Meadows, in a picturesque Maryland suburb. Of course, the only people she manages to connect with are just as messed up as her city counterparts.

How to Survive. October 2020. It's only Day One at her new school and Mona is already making poor choices.
      Mona Lively, Gina Damiano, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Olivia Meadows.
Rum & Coke. October 2020. The foursome sits in Vic's cold house and drinks.
      Mona Lively, Gina Damiano, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Ruby Eastman.
Our Cocoon. October 2020. Before Mona wakes up that morning, Vic and Casey have some business to attend to.
      Casey Calhoun/Victor Eastman.
In the Cold Light of Morning. October 2020. It's just an average day in the Eastman house.
      Ruby Eastman, Mona Lively, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Gina Damiano, Clarence Eastman, Cheyenne Williams.
Too Late for Plan B. October 2020. Isaac's not free of the Eastman curse.
      Isaac Eastman, Cara McLaughlin, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Mona Lively.
Take It as a Sign. October 2020. Cara has the procedure, Vic and Casey use their fists to express their feelings, and Mona reaches out to her brother.
      Cara McLaughlin, Isaac Eastman, Mona Lively, Casey Calhoun, Victor Eastman, Devyn Lively.
Losing Touch. October 2020. Vic goes off the deep end.
      Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Ruby Eastman.
Put Up a Fight. October 2020. Vic quits high school but the first thing he does is go back.
      Victor Eastman, Ruby Eastman, Mona Lively, Casey Calhoun.
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