mazz (winebabe) wrote,

Hurt/Comfort Bingo (Round 8)

Thank you to [personal profile] lost_spook for opening my eyes to the Hurt/Comfort Bingo, which is more than definitely something I should be participating in with how much I hurt my characters (might have to work on the comfort aspect a bit...). And, so, now I have a card! I don't exactly know how this works, and I don't really write fic and never had in a public forum (it's all been guilty pleasure stuff for myself), so this will be a lot of...navigation. But anyway! I'm excited and I hope it kicks my ass into gear, considering I wrote almost nothing the entire month of May.

phobias haunted grief suicide attempt nausea
burns dub-con electrocution scars chronic illness / pain
loss of possessions counseling WILD CARD combat loss of home / shelter
healers arena abandonment issues skeletons in the closet isolation
explosion strapped to a moving vehicle falsely imprisoned forced to face fear kidnapping

Tags: challenges, hc bingo, prompts in progress
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