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Current Plans: Rest of June

So, I'm trying to get into actually using these things (my journals) as more than just my collected Runaway Tales pieces, so have some personal chatter posts, why don't you?!

Anyway, so after about a month+ of...crippling reactive depression (a stupid thing with a guy happened, and then weird medical issues appeared, and everything just kind of set me off, but anyway) I've finally come out of it, I think. At the very least, I'm inspired again and ready to write, so I'm hoping that by the end of this month, I can complete a few pieces/projects I've had sitting around for far too long.
  • 1. My zombie-apocalypse AU starring my detective team, which I've written nearly 20,000 words for at this point and am refusing to give up on. I'm currently working on fleshing out the final part, and I'm not sure what the ending will be? That might be too daunting to finish/revise/post by the end of June, but I'm hoping to get at least a good chunk done before July.
  • 2. I have a couple of small, partially-written pieces for TGO that really have no importance, but I'd like to get those finished and posted because, I mean, they count for prompts. Why not?
  • 3. I have another rather expansive AU that a friend prompted me on...and I'd really like to at least plot that one out. It would be fun to write, I think.

And, for whatever reason, I've elected to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this July, and I, very ambitiously, am choosing to write an entirely new novel for it. I don't know if I'll get that far, because usually I end up changing my mind midway through and my word count is a mish-mash of several projects...but we shall see!

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